Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Women’s Center do?

The Women’s Center hosts residence groups and working groups, administers the Amy Rossborough Fellowship and Lecture, runs discussion groups, coordinates an activism group, organizes Master’s Tea-style “Femininiteas,” co-sponsors events, provides sexual health supplies, maintains open hours for studying and socializing, and hosts various other speakers and events throughout the year. For a full list of previous and upcoming events, check out the “Events” page.

Do you have to be a woman to enter the Center?

Absolutely not. We hope that between our events, speakers, discussion groups, and activist work there’s something for everyone who walks through our door. We aim to be an open and inclusive space, welcoming of various perspectives and experiences.

Do you have to be a feminist?

While the Center is traditionally inhabited by feminists and can be a site for feminist activism, you do not have to identify as a feminist. The Center first and foremost seeks to be an open and safe space for Yale’s diverse student body. All we ask is that every student, regardless of gender, is respectful of that goal.

Would the Women’s Center co-sponsor my event?

The Women’s Center frequently provides funding and advertising support for other events on campus that support the Center’s mission. For co-sponsorship or funding request inquiries please contact the board at

What is the Women’s Center stance on reproductive rights?

We are a pro-choice institution and as such respect a woman’s reproductive choice, whether that means carrying to term or terminating a pregnancy.

How do I get involved?

Apply for Amy Rossborough fellowship, participate in our discussion groups, attend our Femininiteas, join our working groups, join a residence group, come in and hang out in the center, or send us an idea for a speaker or event. We’re always looking for more people to get involved. When in doubt, send us an email at
More questions? Check the Contact page and send us an email at