The It’s On Us Campaign - The Yale Women’s Center’s Pledge

October 8, 2014
OUR YALE is a place where feminism is for everyone.
- Fight for a Yale where, regardless of gender and sexuality, everyone feels empowered to make their own sexual choices and knows they will be respected.
- Provide and advocate for access to resources, health services, information, and allies that enable those choices.
- Maintain a supportive physical space with safe forums for discussion.
- Build a community comprised of diverse student interests that coordinates efforts to improve Yale’s culture.
- Continue to challenge our own beliefs through open discussion, and amplify our constituents’ voices to challenge the broader campus culture as well.
The Yale Women’s Center is proud to participate in the It’s On Us, Yale campaign. What do you want Our Yale to look like?
Join the campaign–it’s easy! 
1. Have a conversation with your group (student group, group of friends, team, suite, etc.).
2. Write your vision statement and a set of pledges to help move you towards that vision. 
3. Make a sign with your vision statement.
4. Take a group photo with the sign, and send the photo and full pledge text to
They’ll add the logo to the photo, and post the photo and pledge to their page. See a guide to the pledge process at