Residence Groups


Residence groups are affiliated student groups that use the Center’s space and advertising resources to pursue goals in support of the Center’s overall mission.
If you would like your group to become a Women’s Center Residence Group, please email or contact Constituency Coordinator Tasnim Elboute directly at

Our Residence Groups:


Campus Action Interns of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

The Campus Action Interns work independently and with their supporters to spread awareness of reproductive justice issues. They support a woman’s right to control their reproductive choices while always taking into account the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexual identity. They aim to start conversations around the political, social, and economic reproductive rights issues facing many Americans across the country today.
Contact Jake Colavolpe or for more information.

Fierce Advocates

Fierce Advocates is a community service and advocacy organization with an LGBTQ twist. They organize a fall conference and spring prom for LGBTQ and allied high school students in the New Haven area. They also mentor Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA’s) in high schools and run a leadership circle for local youth leading or interested in organizing a GSA in their school. Their service informs their engagement in politics. They have successfully lobbied for a trans-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance for New Haven, participated in marches and direct actions for justice for LGBTQ people, and canvassed against anti-equality ballot initiatives.
Contact Abigail Clayton at for more information.


The LGBTQ* Student Cooperative is an umbrella organization that hosts completely open, weekly meetings at the Women’s Center or the Office of LGBTQ Resources at Swing Space. The Co-Op provides support for a number of LGBTQ organizations on campus, and organizes several high-profile events each year, including Pride Month, Trans* Week, Coming Out Day, IvyQ, and campus-wide dances. The Co-Op is involved in both activist aims on campus and social activities – join the panlist to be kept up to date on all LGBTQ* events!
Contact Alina Yaman or for more information.


Non-Mon/K is a community discussion group for folks interested in non-monogamous, kinky, polyamorous, asexual, aromantic or otherwise non-traditional relationships. Our meetings are low-key hang-out spots where we discuss how we feel about labels, eat snacks, get to know each other, and talk about the broader Yale community.

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Not-So-Straight-Frosh (NSSF)

Their club is devoted to providing a sanctuary/haven for the GLBTQ freshmen on campus through an environment that is conducive to making friends, networking, and simply having fun with one another.  They have socials/mixers, movie nights, karaoke nights, game nights, etc. and welcome all to come join us (GLBTQ and allies) for some food, drinks, and of course, fun!  Events are typically Saturday nights from 8-10 PM, and they are open to any and all freshmen Yalies who’d like to socialize and make new friends!
Contact Emaline Kelso at for more information.

Queer+Asian (Q+A) 

Founded in 2013, Yale Queer+Asian is an undergraduate organization dedicated to creating a safe space for Asians and Asian Americans who identify within the LGBTQ spectrum. We aim to create a supportive and caring community where queer Asian students are able to explore their identities and the conflicts we as queer Asians face, and in doing so discover and develop friendships founded upon shared experiences. Q+A primarily focuses on biweekly discussions examining the intersection between Asian and queer identities, fostered by a variety of outlets such as media, speakers, and collaborations with other affinity-based LGBTQ groups. Students of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities are invited to attend our events, as we hope that through the events we hold, everyone will be able to gain further insight into the issues and conflicts queer Asian Americans face. For more information about Q+A, contact


Q Magazine

Q is Yale University’s only LGBTQ-interest publication. It is a resource for students on campus and a celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the queer community. Q is published once each semester and is distributed freely to undergraduates on campus as well as to graduate students at the Divinity, Medical, Law and Graduate schools and Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni.
Contact Katie Martin ( to get involved or learn more.

RALY (Reproductive Rights Action League)

The Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale College is committed to the advancement of reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right, as well as the promotion of students’ control over their sexual and reproductive lives. In its pursuit of reproductive justice, RALY works actively within the university community and the city of New Haven to encourage discussion, educate students of their reproductive options and current issues, and raise awareness of national policy and legislation relevant to reproductive rights.
Contact Sarah Grossman Kahn or for more information.

Unite Against Sexual Assault At Yale (USAY)

Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale (USAY) aims to do the following:  Identify and illuminate factors that support an unhealthy campus sexual climate; Reinforce, foster, support, and establish a university-wide community of persons seeking to improve the campus’s sexual climate; Ensure the intersectionality, inclusiveness, and openness of said community; Demonstrate that leaders and individuals from all niches of Yale College are actively and thoughtfully critiquing and analyzing sexual climate. Encourage a culture in which individuals not only practice respectful sexual behavior, but also actively demand it from others. 

Contact: Anthony D’Ambrosio at 


Undergraduate Women in Science at Yale (UWISAY)

Undergraduate Women in Science at Yale (UWISAY) was founded in 2009 as a sister of the graduate organization which established the original WISAY mentoring program. UWISAY is dedicated to encouraging a spirit of community and solidarity for women interested in science. As an organization, it aim to provide a common point of entry for all female undergrads interested in the sciences.
In addition to organizing two mentoring programs, UWISAY has hosted biweekly residential college dinners with various female professors in the sciences. In the community, volunteers with Girls’ Science Investigations (GSI) leading monthly sessions with middle school students in the New Haven area.  UWISAY also hosts Cocktail Chemistry during Bulldog Days and a one-day conference for high school students, and undergraduate and graduate students at Yale.
Contact Brenda Calderon at for more information.


WYSE is a mentorship program that provides young women from 12 to 14 with decision-making skills. College-age mentors conduct weekly group sessions on a variety of topics affecting young women, and provide one on one mentorship outside of the sessions. The young women are encouraged to share their opinions, ideas and knowledge, and to take control of their own lives and their environment.
Their Primary Goals:
To promote self-confidence and self-identity
To provide a community of peer support and friendship
To make young women aware of current issues affecting them, including discrimination, violence, and sex and health education
To provide resources and information that will enable young women to make the best choices regarding their educational and professional futures.
To engage young women in community education and activitism.
Contact Staci Cummins at for more information.

The Yale Black Women’s Coalition (YBWC)

The Yale Black Women’s Coalition (YBWC) is a student organization that strives to serve the community while uniting the black women across Yale’s campus. The group is, before all else, a sisterhood.  They provide a comfortable and welcoming space to discuss the issues that affect the female black community. Meetings are conducted every week in a close circle to encourage every woman to both share any personal experiences and listen to those of the other women in an attempt to bring light to the issues facing their community. In addition, YBWC plans social events throughout the year that strengthen bonds within the sisterhood.  Their signature events include Girls Nights Out, which allow girls to take a break from campus, the annual Black Women’s Weekend, which is three days of events in November dedicated to rejoicing in being black women. Then their Gentlemen’s Award Dinner honors five male undergraduates in the Yale community along with five of Yale’s most influential black male community members. YBWC seeks to share its community with other groups on campus through its many collaborations.
Contact Dara Huggins at for more information.

Yale Sappho

Yale Sappho is an organization for queer womyn at Yale of all different backgrounds and identities. Sappho is primarily a social group that will be hosting a variety of events throughout the school year including game nights, movie screenings, parties, and more formal discussions.
Yale Sappho is open to people of all genders, though the group is primarily for queer people who identify with or are interested in queer womyn. Whomever identifies with the label or wants to come is welcome!
Contact Rachel Perler at for more information.